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Ultimately here at Sisters of Soul our vision is to stock the most sought after Australian Brands and Labels.

Styles that embody, inspire and help us tap into the beauty and confidence of the female spirit.

We want to create the ultimate visual across our social network channels and our online store to help to make your shopping experience exciting, memorable and fun. 

We are extremely fortunate to be aligning ourselves with Brands and Labels that embody our values and support our vision.


Here at Sisters of Soul we know the importance of giving back to our local community and we have chosen an organisation that is not only near and dear to our hearts but to the hearts of the greater Sisters of Soul Community. 

The Pink Finss Charity is a not profit organisation established in 2010 that aims to help women and their families in our local area diagnosed with cancer.

Not only do Pink Finss support the women that have been diagnosed but they are also a phenomenal support to the women's families. The Pink Finss provide practical, emotional and financial help but most importantly they have created a network for women to meet other brave women who are on the same journey. Just as our name suggests these women become "sisters" in their fight against cancer and at Sisters of Soul we want them to know that we are there to support them. 

The forever tireless effort of this very small group of ladies who run Pink Finss is nothing short of inspirational and if our little contribution can help make the slightest bit of difference we are extremely happy to be able to donate.

To show our support, 1% of all monthly clothing sales will be donated to the Pink Finss, with a vision to hopefully increase this donation in the future.

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